Pelvic floor physical therapy not working? Find out why treatments for pelvic pain consistently fail.

A presentation by Nic Bartolotta. Physical therapist and creator of Dynamic Contraction Technique™

Dynamic Contraction Technique for pelvic pain is being widely recognized on men’s pelvic pain forums as the most successful treatment for pelvic pain. We now have men and women following DCT for pelvic pain in every continent.  Find out how DCT treats pelvic pain and why it is a radical departure from the mainstream approach. Full recovery is possible. 

How DCT treats Pelvic pain & Dysfunction


”Is it possible we have been thinking about flexibility all wrong?”- Nic Bartolotta


This presentation explain Nic Bartolotta’s own recovery from chronic pain and how he created Dynamic Contraction Technique™. While this presentation does not discuss pelvic pain it does address how Dynamic Contraction Technique™ treats muscle tension.