Below is an interview with Greg Clark about his recovery from Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome (C.P.P.S) & hard flaccid.

Below is a post made by a client who is based in New Zealand.  Andrew recovered by learning Dynamic Contraction Technique™ via Skype. It shows that no matter where you are in the world you can recover from chronic pelvic pain. 

 "Two years ago my world came crashing down. What had been an aching back suddenly became full blown burning pain, preventing me from sitting, bending, lifting – anything. Pelvic pain followed days later effecting digestion and urinary function. Thereafter I had severe foot pain, burning limbs, insomnia – the works. I tried everything, from physio to botox injections. None of it worked at all. I couldn’t sit, stand, lie down, crouch, lift – absolutely zero.

With my pain often a 10 out of 10 24/7. I came across David’s website after seeing numerous specialists across Australiasia; chronic pain clinics, psychologists, neuro-surgeons – everyone I could reach. Within 3 weeks of seeing David my pain had reduced by about 30%, and within a further month, I estimate my pain had reduced to about 70-80%. It was that simple.

These days I get a few niggles, but nothing I can’t manage. I’m back riding my road bike up to an hour. I ride my mountain bike. I swim 1-2km straight. I can run up to 1 hour 30mins. I do full-on cross fit sessions max’ing out on all the exercises. I travel long haul and pretty much do whatever I want. I never think about the pain anymore. I have figured out that when I do have a niggle it’s often because I’m anxious or stressed, so I feel like the remaining 30% of my recovery has been due to better management of stress, anxiety, rage and hate. I’m 42 with young kids and a stressful job, so kind of a reciepe for that kind of thing. Anyway, without David, I don’t know what path I would have taken, but I was seriously considering giving up on things. People who have never experienced chronic pain have no idea what its like. And yet, with people like David available through the web, anyone can recover 100% and fully participate in everything they ever used to.'' Andrew, New Zealand

Below is a forum post made by a client who followed the online DCT pelvic floor dysfunction course. 

Hey everyone, this is an update on my progress with David McCoid's https://freedomfrompelvicpain.com/. I'm now three months into the program, and I can say definitively that this has had a tremendous impact on my recovery. As you all know, this condition is a tricky one and there's a broad range of symptoms. I've suffered from perineum pain for 21 months now which may have arisen due to a lifetime of extreme exercise with a distain for flexibility. Like many of you, I experienced a worsening of symptoms in the first months -- to the point that it became a daily phenomenon in my life that really snowballed with my growing sense of powerlessness and anxiety. I began 14 months ago with pelvic stretching which initially made an impact to the severity of my pain. I would have good days and bad days. I combined this with focusing on my diet and my gut health (drinking the probiotic kefir drink and eating a lot of veggies, although in every case with the aim to never be too full or tax my digestive system).

However, those generic pelvic stretches -- passive stretching -- were only so useful. Once I began on McCoid's program, my symptoms have become very manageable and they are slowly declining in severity and becoming more fugitive and fleeting. At the end of the day, I still get some sensitivity, but a walk or a bath can dispel it. This program takes dedication longterm, but I really don't know where I'd be without it. For those who decide to try it, you should get the DCT knee pillow they recommend. That's the key to engaging fully in the stretching and strengthening routines they outline. I'm also walking and hiking a lot, which I think is also key to management and/or recovery. Thanks to everyone on this forum. Being part of this community of men has been a great source of information and comfort. Wishing you all the best!

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and a further comment from the same client 10 months after following the program

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‘‘ I’ve been on McCoid’s DCT program since last March so around ten months. I’ve posted about it here on this forum any times in that period. I recommend it without any reservations and beieve wholeheartedly that it works. I’ve tried the Stein Stretching and read Headache in the Pelvis. I was taking multiple baths a day and meditating…. and I can say that for me the DCT program was night and day more effective. Certainly, I’ve maintained hot baths, vigorous walking and a clean, low-carb diet throughout, but the main point is that DCT actually allows one to change one’s muscles instead of passively stretch them, which I don’t think make many longterm changes- at least not in me. It’s not an easy path though, it takes dedication and resolve- and one should, in my vie, do it everyday for six months before one passes any judgement as to it’s effectiveness. Some, like me, respond much sooner (I saw definite changes within one month), but others take longer to see results and that has no doubt to do with their health and the state of their muscles. If you do it, buy the DCT knee pillow. It’s essential to do it correctly. ‘‘

Below is another client who followed the course posting on the same forum. 

‘‘‘Thank you for sharing this J~~~. I also suffer from Pelvic Pain for over 13 years. It was so bad at one point I considered ending my life. I have tried all modalities and forms of help, some with temporary relief, but it always came back with time.In January 2018 by some small act of God I found this forum. And I found David’s DCT program. I am now pain free, and my body works fully including full sexual health with my girlfriend very satisfied (thank God again) - which was always the hardest part for me aside from the actual pain. After i bought the program I found total relief within 5 weeks. I stopped the regiment and symptoms began to return in May. So I returned to the program and added even more focus on abdominal strengthening and lengthening at David’s encouragement. Within 3 weeks this time, the pain was completely gone again, and I was operating at full health again, pain free, including my erections being solid again. Like I said, 13 years I’ve dealt with this horrible condition, and this program helped me and I am so f@+king grateful, I would have paid 4x the price if i knew it would lead to a normal life again. ‘‘

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and a further post below several months later.

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Below is a post on a men’s pelvic pain forum by Greg Clark who is featured in the interview on this page.

Hi guys I’m back and fixed. Needed to totally zone in and push through these past few months and now my groin is back to normal. Three bloody years of my life sorting this problem out. Pissing blood, not one erection for two years nearly, painful cold numb genitals, a lump the size of a golf ball in my scrotum, no toilet control. Diagnosed with Pubic symphysis , pudendal nerve entrapment, unidentifiable lump in scrotum ... and all gone 😜 I can’t say thank you enough to David McCoid with out this man fu#k me what would I of done I really don’t know.

Guys the reason you are told this is incurable is because no one and I mean no one apart you ourselves can fix this. If any of you have any questions I thought I’d come back to help out.

Just so you can see how I might of fixed myself I’m putting up pictures of before when I first got the pain and today. This is how much I changed my body to beat this condition.

Change your physiology and you will change your life. I feel so so good i can’t believe it. I’m nearly 40 years old and I feel like I’m 16. I had a many things wrong with me it took me 3 years of working like a Trojan.

With out David’s www.freedomfrompelvicpain.com this would not of been possible. Normal stretching won’t work if your body was a f#cked as mine was. 

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Below is a testimonial of a client who recoverd with the Online DCT 6 week course. 

'' In reflection of the injury and recovery process of the HF/Pelvic Pain, I can highlight the training course of David as the main contributor to getting healthy. I have tried various routes to counter attack this injury, it was not an inflammation, it was not at all purely psychological, it was not the digestive system, simply there is a physiological missalignment of the pelvic floor and all associated muscles in that region. The most straight forward outset in tackling this injury is with physiological training to strengthen and stretch the associated muscles. The dedicated DCT training put together by David and Nic is pin pointed to achieve best results in this specific field. You may do yoga and meditation all day long or whirl around with a Therawand, it requires physiological training to get back an organic, healthy and functional pelvic section.

Having done cardiological training and Martial arts for 20 years, the conditioning of my body was set-out to harden the muscles. After some stressful events I got a cramp in my mid-section and my whole mid section was in a state of disorder. I could not do my sports, and even felt pain taking a leak. It took me some time to understand what situation I found myself in. I was coming across the DCT Training a few weeks after and decided to give it a try.

For me this included a training routine 2 times a day 6 days a week with DCT, Squat Routines and Hanging / Upper body strength trainings. I also changed my whole diet to have sufficient strength to follow the training. It required discipline like a buddhist ascetic, putting in a lot of effort and work. This took me some 6 weeks to get really good results and consider myself in a healthy state again.

I can confirm it works very good and is achieving great results, range of movement, organic alignment of the pelvic floor muscles, testosterone coming back like Husein Bolt on a 100 sprint. Sexually there is much more energy floating and you may have to do a hand-stand every morning going to the toilette.

David found that in my case there was an overall misalignment in my back and posture, he steered in additional excercises and guided which aspects I should focus on the most. With my posture and range of motion I am better than ever. The pelvic floor and correct body alignment is an important aspect to get right. It has opened new perspectives for me and I will continue with the training to eradicate wrong posture and allow my body to organically work as a system.''

Below is a post made on a facebook pelvic pain forum. Paul was in intense pain when he first began working with me. 

''So the RE (Nutritious Movement) that I have been doing with David McCoid over the last 8 months has been a tremendous amount of work! At this time last year I was on nearly 3000mg of gabapentin. I was also going through a serios of injections and pulse does radio frequency... None of which helped. I am very happy to report that my progress has been beyond what I though possible. I am no longer on ANY gabapentin and pain levels are somewhere between 0-3. They only seem to be gettng better. I struggled with the pain for over 3 years. Thank you David - Paul Wonsavage''

Below is a post made on an internet forum discussing the condition of hard flaccid. 

''Hi Guys,

Long time suffer here (7+ years - age 26 - probably had it longer but didn't realise - I had no pain). Just thought I'd comment on this thread. I don't want to get involved in any of the fights but all I can say is that I've been doing restorative exercise with David for the last month and a half and I've already seen dramatic improvements. 

Obviously with all the quacks around and past experience I was slightly apprehensive but living in the UK I've met with him in person several times and I can tell you that this guy is not only genuine and easy to talk to but has been through this and understands what everyone is going through. 

I've done it all - Bikram Yoga (religiously), Mindfulness, Herbal Supplements (including the Dr. Lin - stay well away from that guy if he's still going), Chiropractors, Trigger Points, Meditation, Drugs etc etc. I have made far and away the most progress with David. I've been getting morning wood for the first time in years, I had GOOD sex without any form of pharmaceutical assistance last weekend. My penis is noticeably warmer and more spongey, I am unquestionably on the road to recovery. So if anyone is reading this and has any doubts - please give it a go. And if you do try out R.E go for it with everything you've got, it might take you longer than me, it might even be shorter but if you give it your all and it doesn't work out then at least you tried your hardest and can box that one off.

I haven't read through this whole gigantic thread, I try and stay away from these forums whenever I am working on something new as they aren't good for stress levels but from the immediately above I can see there's some kind of crusade going on about the root cause of this. Obviously there is a mental aspect, I've read recovery storys and thought yeah that's great but I don't have X symptom so this won't work for me (I even thought that when I saw Stevees original post on the HF forum) and I've been to Mindfulness courses and identified my negative thought processes. But I recognised that although the mental anxiety does not help, this is primarily a physical problem - at least for me. 

So if you are not really getting anywhere, I'd recommend giving David a try. I hesitate to say it WILL 100% get you better because maybe there are multiple root causes for this affliction but it's working for me.

Also guys I'd recommend reading "The obstacle is the way" by Ryan Holiday for motivation and not feeling so bad about yourself. Recovery is possible and more and more people are starting to get better now. Where we a few years ago? I hadn't heard of anyone getting better, from the guys at HF to David, Stevee and Voodoo we are finding that it's possible now so don't give up hope guys. Like I didn't think I could ever see myself posting something like this.

Thanks to Steviee and Voodoo, I was a lurker on the HF forum and if you guys hadn't posted David's details I would probably be very much stuck in a rut. Thanks to the creators of the HF forum /PE Gym as if it wasn't for you guys I would probably still have no idea what this is and that you can get better, despite doctors/urologist advice and would be in an incredibly dark place, if even here at all. And most of all thanks to David McCoid (and by extension Katy Bowman) for getting me back on track.

I don't plan on posting here again so all the best guys! Good luck.''

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