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Over the last five years of teaching resistance stretching to pelvic pain patients there were normally two questions that people asked me. 

 Did you really have pelvic pain? and did you really recover?

Yes to both. You can learn about my experience with pelvic pain in the interview below. This interview is also included as part of the online course. 





As the interview above demonstrates 4 years ago I released an online course for pelvic pain in partnership with physical therapist Nic Bartolotta. The course was a tremendous success and sold globally. The course used resistance stretching to treat pelvic pain and was called DCT for pelvic pain. DCT stands for Dynamic Contraction Technique and was created by Nic Bartolotta. I also trained as a DCT practitioner (level II).  In addition, we co-authored a book entitled Freedom from pelvic pain available on amazon.

There were many success stories, with the course discussed on English and Spanish speaking forums.  After four years of teaching resistance stretching, I wanted to create my own course with my own ideas. The course available on this website includes the original resistance stretching course I co created with the addition of my own content. 

Recovery from pelvic pain does not need to be complicated. This course is simple to follow and most importantly effective. You are in control. One of the great advantages of resistance stretching is that you can do it yourself.

It was whilst at University that I first began to experience pelvic pain at the age of nineteen. This continued for 14 years until I found Katy Bowman’s Restorative Exercise™ at the age of 34. During that time I tried numerous treatments such as prostate injections, pelvic floor physical therapy in the UK (Bill Taylor- Taylor Physiotherapy) and the USA (Rhonda Kotarinos). I attended the Wise Anderson clinic and eventually had pudendal nerve entrapment surgery (Filler, Dellon).
 As a result of my pudendal nerve surgeries, I had my Sacro tuberous ligaments severed on both sides and had both piriformis muscles resected. The pudendal nerve surgeries had no effect on my pain or symptoms.
Why am I naming the people that I went to see during that time? It is because if you are going to use your experience of pelvic pain to argue for a treatment approach then you need to be honest about who you saw and what treatments you tried. It's not enough to just say you suffered from pelvic pain to sell a course, book or treatment. People want to know your story and what treatments you tried.
If you wish to learn more about my story you are welcome to email me with questions about my experience.
I am British, have a Bachelors Degree in Politics from the University of Stirling in Scotland. I have lived most of my life in Somerset, England and 8 years in Scotland. 
David McCoid