Hard Flaccid

Watch physical therapist Nic Bartolotta’s presentation to understand how Dynamic Contraction Technique treats hard flaccid. 

Hard flaccid is a condition where the penis remains flaccid but is in a constricted state and is hard to the touch. Hard Flaccid is caused by muscle and connective tissue tension particulary in the lower abdomen which limits blood flow to the penis. Hard flaccid is not a term recognised by the medial profession, it’s a term which originated online, a term used by sufferers themselves to describe the condition. This is a common condition and I recieve enquiries from across the world regarding hard flaccid. It affects men of all ages. Freedom from pelvic pain.com is the first website to offer an online course for this condition.

If you have questions about this course I offer a free skype session, please email me at david@freedomfrompelvicpain.com to arrange this.

The pelvic floor is not the primary problem in cases of hard flaccid. While it is tight and constricted the musculature is reacting to tension throughout the whole pelvis and hips. Sufferers find that manual therapy which focuses on trigger points and internal treatment is not helpful for this conditon. Trigger points as described by Travell and Simons do not exist and have been comprehensively refuted (Ref).

Tension in the glutes, hips, hamstrings,adductors and abdomen are a major factor in this condition. When tension in these muscles are reduced this condition can resolve. Recovery is over months not weeks but it is possible to recover from this condition. You will be using Dynamic Contraction Technique, a unique form of resistance stretching, to achieve this. I have created the course with the creator of DCT, physical therapist Nic Barotolotta. You can learn about Greg Clark’s recovery with DCT from hard flaccid in the video below.