The only course in the world designed soley for Hard Flaccid 

Dynamic Contraction Technique is the only company in the world that offers a dedicated course for hard flaccid.

Lifetime access, continued support and access to the DCT facebook group only $295. Less than the cost of three physical therapy sessions.


Hard flaccid is a condition where the penis remains flaccid but is in a constricted state and is hard to the touch. Hard Flaccid is caused by muscle and connective tissue tension particularly in the lower abdomen which limits blood flow to the penis.

Hard flaccid is not a term widely recognized by the medical profession. It is a term that originated online. A term sufferers themselves used to describe the condition. 

Hard flaccid is a common condition and DCT receives inquiries from across the world regarding the condition. We are the only treatment for hard flaccid which has a track record of success. You will find many positive reports about DCT on men’s pelvic pain forums. 

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The pelvic floor is not the primary problem in cases of hard flaccid. While it is tight and constricted the musculature is reacting to tension throughout the whole pelvis and hips. Sufferers find that manual therapy which focuses on trigger points and internal treatment is not helpful for this condition. Trigger points as described by Travell and Simons do not exist and have been comprehensively refuted (Ref). You can read further articles on trigger points here and here.

Tension in the glutes, hips, hamstrings, adductors and abdomen are major factors in this condition. When tension in these muscles is reduced this condition can resolve. Recovery is over months not weeks but it is possible to recover from this condition. You will be using Dynamic Contraction Technique, a unique form of resistance stretching, to achieve this.