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Rhonda Kotarinos

I qualified as a Restorative Exercise Specialist in April 2014 in Ventura, California. In 2015 I completed my training in MovNat and am a Level 2 MovNat certified trainer. I have also trained with Jules Mitchell of Jules Mitchell Yoga. It was whilist researching muscle tension I discovered Dynamic Contraction Technique™, a unique form of Resistance stretching.  I qualified as a practitioner of Dynamic Contraction Technique in Los Angeles in 2016. Dynamic Contraction Technique is already used by major USA sports teams and professional athletes.  In partnership with physical therapist Nic Bartolotta I have created the first ever online training program for male pelvic pain and pelvic floor dysfunction. I am the first person in the world to create a treatment program for pelvic pain using eccentric muscular contractions. 

I am openly challenging the coventional advice on stretching for pelvic pain which is to relax into a stretch until you feel it. This form of regular static stretching will not help the muscle tension involved in pelvic pain.  If you want to treat muscle tension you must make a muscle work eccentrically. 

I have a Bachelors Degree in Politics from the University of Stirling in Scotland. I have lived most of my life in Somerset, England and 7 years in Scotland. Before I experienced pelvic pain, I loved participating in sport in particular Football, Sprinting and Rugby.

It was whilst at University that I first began to experience pelvic pain at the age of nineteen. This continued for 14 years until I found Katy Bowman's Restorative Exercise™ at the age of 34. During that time I tried numerous treatments such as prostate injections, pelvic floor physical therapy in the UK and the USA ( Bill Taylor - Taylor Physical Therapy, Rhonda Kotarinos ) and pudendal nerve entrapment surgery.  As a result of my pudendal nerve surgeries I have had my sacro tuberous ligament severed on both sides, my piriformis muscle has been resected on both sides (the nerve is cut to the muscle so the muscle can not function) and 50% of my adductor magnus tendon has been cut away on both sides. My pudendal nerve surgeries had no effect on my pain or symptoms.  

As someone who has experienced pelvic pain, I know the desperation pelvic pain patients experience in their search for relief or a cure. I am aware of the crushing blow pelvic pain has on self-esteem and confidence. Whilst having pelvic pain, I always felt that I wore a mask to the outside world, a mask that showed I was coping and cheerful. It was only my family and some close friends who saw the real me, someone that frequently had suicidal thoughts, was depressed and truly desperate to find relief from constant, tortuous pelvic pain.

My experience of pelvic pain is I feel my greatest asset in treating other pelvic pain patients. My hope is that when you see me, you no longer have to wear your mask and that you can be open and honest about how you are feeling.

Throughout my 14 years of pelvic pain I tried the majority of treatments available to pelvic pain sufferers.  I am well aware there are vast numbers of people who just like me after trying the mainstream treatments find themselves still suffering from chronic pelvic pain. In order to recover I had to educate myself on my condition and look for new approaches. I eventually found my solution in Restorative Exercise.  After working with pelvic pain patients all over the world I became convinced that there must be a quicker, more efficient method for relieving muscular tension. I continued to research and eventually found Dynamic Contraction Technique™. Dynamic Contraction Technique will revolutionise the treatment of pelvic floor dysfunction and will be unlike anything you have tried before.  

My recovery has been an incredible journey and my self-confidence and enthusiasm for life has returned. The same can happen to you.  I am looking forward to guiding you on your path to changing your body and freeing yourself of pelvic pain.

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