Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome

The Premier Resistance Stretching course for chronic pelvic pain syndrome (CPPS). Available in English, Spanish & Portuguese.
When I was 19 pelvic pain stole my freedom, It took 14 years to get it back

I tried everything, antiobiotics, prostate injections, meditation, yoga, endless stretching, pelvic floor physical therapy, botox, dry needling and even pudendal nerve entrapment surgery.

My name is David McCoid and four years ago I created and funded an online course with a physical therapist and trained in an approach called DCT. It was an incredible success and sold globally. You can watch video testimonials from people who purchased this course on this site.

On this website you can access this course completely free of charge. No catch.

The course includes access to a private Facebook group. Success stories are regularly posted on the forum.

Testimonials - quotes taken from video interviews

It’s absolutely amazing. 1 year ago I couldn’t have done this. Thanks to you, David, I’m living my life again


I am me again. I am living my normal life.


I surf five times a week. I am head coach of a football club here and I'm back playing football again. I feel free.

New South Wales, Australia

I had urinary frequency and burning pain. The urinary frequency has gone and I am 95% pain free. I am back in the gym and training again.

Author's name
Sydney, Australia

I have come back from rock bottom. I have recovered and so can you. You just have to believe and be dedicated.


Jack's Recovery -Latest video interview

Why this is a different approach to pelvic pain.

The majority of treatments and online courses for pelvic pain focus on trying to relax muscles. People are advised to follow stretches like happy baby or cat/cow poses where you feel completely the same after performing them. You read the positive comments under Youtube video routines and wonder why you are making no progress. Resistance stretching is different.

Resistance stretching is a misleading term as it's not really stretching. You are never static, you are always moving. You never push into the edge of your range of motion where the stretch begins to feel uncomfortable and sharp. You are continually attempting to contract your muscles against resistance.

PNF Stretching

Resistance stretching is a form of PNF Stretching (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation). There are various forms of PNF stretching. What distinguishes this version from the popular contract, hold techinique is that it uses the eccentric muscle contraction. This type of PNF stretching was first developed in the 1950's by Herman Kabat. Kabat emphasized maximal resistance throughout range of motion using isometric, concentric and eccentric contractions. Only in the last 5 years has it been utilised for chronic pelvic pain syndrome. It is a way of gently applying load to people in pain and allows people to progress onto applying greater loads/forces to painful areas of the body.

The effects of this type of stretching are neural. The movements stimulate mechanoreceptors in the muscle which can lower tone and give novel feedback to the nervous system. This can quickly reduce pain.

With resistance stretching you are first instructed to pre-activate a muscle using concentric contractions (shortening of the muscle). The pre-fatiguing of the muscle recruits and draws in an increasing amount of motor units. It also allows the person to target the area they want to connect with and stretch.

When sensation is created in the muscle concentrically you move into the eccentric phase of resistance stretching. This is when the muscle is forced to lengthen using external resistance while you attempt to contract the muscle (lengthening). It is a method which can quickly reduce pain and sensations of muscle tightness.

This can seem like a strange approach for chronic pelvic pain syndrome but the results speak for themselves. This is a course that has already sold globally and helped hundreds of men and women.

Resistance stretching is most effective when combined with strength training. Advice on how to implement strength training is included in the course and in the Facebook group which you can join as soon as you purchase the course.

Recovery from C.P.P.S does not have to be complicated. The majority of people who have recovered from C.P.P.S using this method have only purchased this course and have never received in person sessions.

This course gives you the instruction and guidance to heal. Believe in your
own power, recovery is possible.

Available with Spanish and Portuguese subtitles. Click the link in the description below

Available with Spanish and Portuguese subtitles. Click the link in the description below

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Resistance stretching program for CPPS and pelvic pain. Includes access to the Facebook group. Available with Spanish and Portuguese subtitles.