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Male pelvic pain

Male pelvic pain treatment

Would you like Freedom From Pelvic Pain?

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Dear Friend,

When I was told I had prostatitis at the age of nineteen I was prescribed ciprofloxin.  If I had known what the next 14 years had in store I may have asked for cyanide.  What followed was endless rounds of antibiotics, countless urologist appointments, prostate injections, years of desperate pushing, prodding and cracking by pelvic floor physical therapists, trigger point injections, botox and finally into the operating theatre to have not one but three pudendal nerve entrapment surgeries.  My experience of pelvic pain and my desperate search for relief may sound extraordinary yet I know it is shared by millions of pelvic pain sufferers across the globe.

I want to tell you right now that there is hope. That with commitment and training you can make a full recovery from pelvic pain. On this website you can learn about and immediately begin a completely new approach to pelvic pain and pelvic floor dysfunction.

If you have pelvic pain your muscles feel incredibly tight.  The tighter your pelvic floor muscles feel the more therapies or treatments you probably have tried to relieve the tightness.  

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • Trigger Point therapy
  • Physical therapy
  • Stretching
  • Trigger point wands
  • Trigger point injections
  • Dry needling
  • Prostate injections
  • Corrective exercise 
  • Pudendal Nerve Surgery
  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Meditation
  • Manual Therapies
  • Massage
  • Relaxation therapies
  • Lifestyle changes

... and the list goes on but nothing is working.  You feel like you're at the end of your rope with no solution in sight. Your muscles feel just as tight as they did before. It's not knowing your muscles are tight it's understanding why they are tight and doing effective therapy to combat the muscle tension that is causing your pain and discomfort.  


How do you treat muscle tension?

 male pelvic pain

This was a question I was obsessed with for 2 years.  I suffered from pelvic pain for 14 years and eventually recovered from pelvic pain through a bio mechanics movement programme called Restorative Exercise. I went on to train in this programme and became a Restorative Exercise specialist and for 2 years worked with other pelvic pain patients.  My results however while teaching this programme were mixed. Some people did very well with some of my clients documenting their success on mens health forums and youtube. However others did not improve at all.  This was not acceptable to me and I was determined to find an effective approach for muscle tension.

The mainstream view of pelvic pain is that it is caused by excessive muscular tension in the muscles in and around the pelvic floor. This is a view that I share. Where I differ from the mainstream view is in how this muscle tension is treated.

What if I said to you the answer to treating muscle tension is not to relax your muscles but rather to tense your muscles, to contract your muscles.

Let me explain. While researching muscle tension I read many different books, research articles and online blogs. One blog which stood out was the blog of Jules Mitchell who had just completed her master’s thesis on the science of stretching. Jules Mitchell at the time was presenting lectures which included the latest research findings on the science of stretching. Jules Mitchell is publishing a book entitled Yoga Biomechanics : Stretching Redefined next year.  It was through Jules Mitchell that I found the method for treating muscle tension which was exactly what I was looking for – Dynamic Contraction Technique.

 Male pelvic pain

Stretching and Strengthening are NOT opposites, you can do both at the same time.

Dynamic Contraction Technique was created by USA Physical therapist Nic Bartolotta. Nic Bartolotta is a Flexibility Specialist to Professional Athletes and Major Sport Teams across the United States. For the last year I have been working with Nic Bartolotta to design a Dynamic Contraction Technique Program for Pelvic Pain and Pelvic Floor Dysfunction.

Dynamic Contraction Technique uses muscle contractions to treat muscle tension. It uses all three different types of muscle contraction – concentric, isometric and eccentric contractions to release the muscle tension in and around the pelvic floor.  It is the final eccentric contraction which treats muscle tension. For an explanation of how an eccentric contraction treats muscle tension please watch this short video presented by Nic Bartolotta.


When you practise DCT you will not be relaxing your muscles but rather contracting them as you work through the exercises. You will not only become more flexible but also stronger. To lengthen a muscle, you also need to strengthen the muscle. To create flexibility you want the muscle to be both long and strong. There is a view in some pelvic pain books that you first have to stretch muscles and then afterwards strenghten your muscles. However when you perform DCT you are both stretching your muscles and strenghthening your muscles at the same time with eccentric contractions. This approach is far more effective. 

In some respect muscles are very simple things. They are linear force producing engines. All they can do is shorten (concentric contraction) or try to shorten while actually lenghthen.            (an eccentric contraction as explained in the video clip above).   


Getting Started

 pelvic pain

Dynamic Contraction Technique offers a completely new and effective approach to treating the muscular tension of pelvic pain and pelvic floor dysfunction. You can begin applying DCT to your own body immediately with the new Online 6-week DCT course I have created with Nic Bartolotta.  This is available through the National Resistance Stretching Association (NRSA) below. This course is performed mainly on your own. While it does include some partner assisted exercises the vast majority of the course can be followed individually.  

Take Back Your Life!

  • Discover how to release your pelvic floor of muscle tension, increasing blood flow to the pelvis. 
  • Arm, yourself with the strength, confidence and perspective that resolution is within sight. Be inspired by what this intensive six week course of interviews, exercises and “how to” videos will help you
  • Get step by step “real” detailed instruction for resistance stretching exercises 
  • Experience rapid gains in mobility and flexibility. 


To learn more about DCT you can click on the DCT website by clicking here.  You can also watch a lecture presented by Nic Bartolotta entitled Optimising Flex-ability by clicking here. You will learn more in this lecture about how DCT works and Nic Bartolotta's own experience and recovery from chronic pain.

You also have the option of seeing me in person for one to one DCT sessions in Bristol, England.

If you are interested in purchasing the course or seeing me in person I offer a free skype session to discuss how DCT can help you.  Please contact me at to arrange this.

 Dynamic Contraction Technique Practitioner and Co creator of DCT for male pelvic pain and dysfunction online course

Dynamic Contraction Technique Practitioner and Co creator of DCT for male pelvic pain and dysfunction online course


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Testimonial from a client who recovered with online Dynamic Contraction Technique

Below is a testimonial written by a client who is based in New Zealand.  Andrew recovered by learning Dynamic Contraction Technique from me via Skype. It shows that no matter where you are in the world you can recover from chronic pelvic pain. 

 "Two years ago my world came crashing down. What had been an aching back suddenly became full blown burning pain, preventing me from sitting, bending, lifting – anything. Pelvic pain followed days later effecting digestion and urinary function. Thereafter I had severe foot pain, burning limbs, insomnia – the works. I tried everything, from physio to botox injections. None of it worked at all. I couldn’t sit, stand, lie down, crouch, lift – absolutely zero. With my pain often a 10 out of 10 24/7. I came across David’s website after seeing numerous specialists across Australiasia; chronic pain clinics, psychologists, neuro-surgeons – everyone I could reach. Within 3 weeks of seeing David my pain had reduced by about 30%, and within a further month, I estimate my pain had reduced to about 70-80%. It was that simple. These days I get a few niggles, but nothing I can’t manage. I’m back riding my road bike up to an hour. I ride my mountain bike. I swim 1-2km straight. I can run up to 1 hour 30mins. I do full-on cross fit sessions max’ing out on all the exercises. I travel long haul and pretty much do whatever I want. I never think about the pain anymore. I have figured out that when I do have a niggle it’s often because I’m anxious or stressed, so I feel like the remaining 30% of my recovery has been due to better management of stress, anxiety, rage and hate. I’m 42 with young kids and a stressful job, so kind of a reciepe for that kind of thing. Anyway, without David, I don’t know what path I would have taken, but I was seriously considering giving up on things. People who have never experienced chronic pain have no idea what its like. And yet, with people like David available through the web, anyone can recover 100% and fully participate in everything they ever used to.''

Andrew, New Zealand