Freedom from pelvic pain

Conquer chronic pelvic pain syndrome (C.P.P.S)

The premier online resistance stretching and strength training course for C.P.P.S - Available in English, Spanish & Portuguese

When I was 19, pelvic pain stole my freedom. It took 14 years to get it back.

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It’s absolutely amazing. 1 year ago I couldn’t have done this. Thanks to you, David, I’m living my life again


I am me again. I am living my normal life.

Mexico City, Mexico

I surf five times a week. I am head coach of a football club here and I'm back playing football again. I feel free.

New South Wales, Australia

I had urinary frequency and burning pain. The urinary frequency has gone and I am 95% pain free. I am back in the gym and training again.

Sydney, Australia

I have come back from rock bottom. I have recovered and so can you. You just have to believe and be dedicated.

Salvador, Brazil

Resistance Stretching - Why it's different

The majority of treatments for pelvic pain focus on trying to relax muscles. Resistance Stretching is different.

You are first instructed to pre-activate a muscle using concentric contractions (shortening of the muscle). The pre-fatiguing of the muscle recruits and draws in an increasing amount of motor units. It also allows the person to target the area they want to connect with and stretch.

When sensation is created in the muscle concentrically you move into the eccentric phase of resistance stretching. This is when the muscle is forced to lengthen using external resistance while you attempt to contract the muscle (lengthening). It is a method which can quickly reduce pain and sensations of muscle tightness.

Resistance stretching is nothing like regular stretching. You are never static, you are always moving. You are continually attempting to contract your muscles against resistance.

This can seem like a strange approach for chronic pelvic pain syndrome but the results speak for themselves. This is a course that has already sold globally and helped hundreds of men and women. You can view video testimonials here.

Resistance stretching is most effective when combined with strength training. Advice on how to implement strength training is included in the course and in the Facebook group which you can join as soon as you purchase the course.

Recovery from C.P.P.S does not have to be complicated. The majority of people who have recovered from C.P.P.S using this method have only purchased this course and have never received in person sessions.

This course gives you the instruction and guidance to heal. Believe in your own power, start today.

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Freedom from Pelvic Pain
The original course with extra advice on why and how to implement strength training. Includes access to the Resistance Stretch for pelvic pain facebook group.
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Resistência Alongamento para dor Síndrome de dor pélvica crônica
Com legendas em português. Inclui acesso imediato ao grupo facebook. A maioria do curso tem legendas em português. No entanto, algumas lições têm legendas em espanhol. Decidimos liberar o curso agora que muitas pessoas estão pedindo por ele. Todas as aulas serão concluídas em português muito em breve, sem custo adicional.
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This course is for Chronic Pelvic Pain syndrome (C.P.P.S) also referred to as Prostatitis Type III.

Women with pelvic pain have also followed the course with success. There are women on the Facebook group.

It can also help pudendal neuralgia. This is a condition I was frequently diagnosed with. I consider it merely another term for unresolved pelvic pain.

The paper Pudendal Neuralgia: Fact or Fiction? explains that Pudendal neuralgia exists as a clinical syndrome rather than a specific diagnosis. Like CPPS it is term for a range of symptoms in the pelvic area. (REF)

You only require sport sliders and an ab wheel for the course. Sport sliders are approximately $10 on amazon and ab wheels are approximately $20-$30. I recommend the use of dual ab wheels in particular but a normal ab wheel is sufficient.

There are plenty of exercises you can perform without equipment and the course allows you to make an immediate start without equipment.

No, it does not. Myofascial trigger points are a controversial theory. Nobody denies that people can experience sensitive, sore spots on the body. However, the theory of Myofascial trigger points by Travell and Simons has been comprehensively refuted by Quintner, Bove and Cohen in their paper - A critical evaluation of the trigger point phenomenon (REF).

The idea of myofascial trigger points is a fear inducing idea and contributes to pain and anxiety. The realisation that myofascial trigger points do not exist is part of recovery from pelvic pain. For an explanation of the arguments against myofascial trigger points I recommend this article by physical therapist Adam Meakins - Soft tissue sore spots of an unknown origin. I also recommend this article by Dr Wolfe entitled Travell, Simons and Cargo cult science

In regards, to the paper I posted above A critical evaluation of the trigger point phenomenon there have been attempts at rebuttals. The most noted of which was by
Dommerholt and Gerwin - A Critical Evaluation of Quintner et al: missing the Point.(REF).

However, Quinter and Bove responded to these criticisms. You can read their response in this article by Dr Wolfe The decline and fall of the trigger point empire.