Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome

When I was 19 pelvic pain stole my freedom, It took 14 years to get it back.

I tried everything, antiobiotics, prostate injections, meditation, yoga, endless stretching, pelvic floor physical therapy, botox, dry needling and even pudendal nerve entrapment surgery.

My name is David McCoid and four years ago I created and funded an online course with a physical therapist and trained in an approach called resistance stretching. There were both success stories and failures with the course. You can learn about some of the success stroies from the video testimonials on this site. While this course is no longer publically available you are welcome to discuss ideas for pelvic pain on the forum below.

The online course was available for 5 years. I communicated and worked with people across the world. The course is still discussed on spanish and portuguese speaking forums for example.

The experience allowed me to see what worked and what failed. The principle finding was that eccentric, loaded stretching helps pelvic pain. For achieving quick results it is far superior to the regular static stretching you see on youtube and other pelvic pain courses. I don't think there is a special technique people need to learn to start traning eccentrically.

Resistance stretching can be a helpful treatment to reduce pain. However resistance stretching also makes grandiose and inaccurate claims about what it can achieve. If you want to save time reading this website please read the following points.

- Resistance stretcing does not stretch fascia. Fascia is incredibly strong and while it would change shape when we apply a stretch stretching would not create any permanent change to it.

- Resistance stretching does not unbind muscle sacromeres (muscle units). There is no evidence for this claim.

- Resistance stretching would not change posture. Posture is effected by a number of factors. For example how we feel or our bone structure. It's controversial to claim any exercise treatment can lead to permanent changes in a persons posture.

While I agreed with the exercises in the course I no longer agree with the explanations for why the approach was successful. For this reason this course is no longer publically available. However, you are welcome to join the facebook forum to discuss eccentric training for pelvic pain. Science is about disagreement. Without it there can be no progress. You are welcome to challenge and discuss ideas about eccentric training/stretching on the forum.

I believe eccentric training offers a great opportunity for pelvic pain treatment. We already saw some success with it over the last 5 years. I will be explaining more of my plans for this form of training in the next few weeks.

Recovery is possible. Don't give up. I'll see you on the forum.


Testimonials - quotes taken from video interviews

It’s absolutely amazing. 1 year ago I couldn’t have done this. Thanks to you, David, I’m living my life again


I am me again. I am living my normal life.


I surf five times a week. I am head coach of a football club here and I'm back playing football again. I feel free.

New South Wales, Australia

I had urinary frequency and burning pain. The urinary frequency has gone and I am 95% pain free. I am back in the gym and training again.

Author's name
Sydney, Australia

I have come back from rock bottom. I have recovered and so can you. You just have to believe and be dedicated.


Jack's Recovery -Latest video interview

Freedom from Pelvic Pain

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